Most of us have used HANDY MAN at some point for the odd job here and there. They were great, cost effective and the work is done. 

But when is time to call in a skilled tradesman?

Anyone can replace the light switch, shower switch or light fitting…. Right?

Wrong! A qualified electrician will do more than just replace the shower switch when faulty!

Recently I was called out to faulty shower switch after the shower was replaced by the plumber. And he did a cracking job! Even more so because he told the owner to call me to check out the switch.

The switch was faulty, but there was another a lot more serious issue on the shower circuit! There was no over-current protection fitted on the shower at all. What does it mean? Well should you have a fault on shower circuit the cable could get easily overheated and start a fire! The only protection was the cut-out fuse for the whole house.

Picture of the device supplying the shower is attached! Looks all right doesn’t it? And I know that some electricians wouldn’t even notice the problem.

So be safe

Do not underestimate small jobs!

This is what handy man will be thinking when swapping Shower switch:

  1. where do i switch it off
  2. is it “dead”?
  3. red here black there job done….

Here is what goes through my mind:

  1. Why does the switch fail? Over heated due to loose connection? Is the cable damaged?
  2. Where do I switch it off? Is the circuit breaker correct size and type? Is the enclosure damaged? Is the circuit RCD protected (if needed)?
  3. Open the switch. Is it “dead”? Is the cable correct size? If it was overheating that caused damaged do i need to replace section of cable? Is the switch safely located? Then replace the switch.

All that took me no longer than it did the handy man… on top of that i will test the earthing and polarity at the shower….

Simple things like this can save your life!

Picture of the RCD device without over-current protection.

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