My name is Peter Igrenyi and I am founder and the proprietor of small electrical contracting business IGR. (IGR standing for Intelligent, Green, Reliable)

I started in the industry after working with my Dad’ who was also an electrician, and I found something that i am passionate about. I do love my job and i believe that it gives me an edge over the competition. You can only be truly great at something if you love doing it!

It enjoy providing my customers with service that is ever so important as without electrical installations we would be unable to power up our precious devices (TVs, laptops and tablets like the one I’m using right now). But there is another aspect of my job that people may overlook or just simply do not realise. That is keeping clients safe in their home or work place! it is this part of electrical contracting that makes me proud to be an Electrician!

In my blogs I will try to educate the readers about the safety of electrical installations, i will try and give you useful tips on lighting at home and in the office (we do lighting designs as well after all) as well as energy saving tips and advice, and generally guide on how to keep things looking good and to stay safe.

It would be fantastic to interact with online community and i would be delighted to join the discussion to the blogs and try and answer any questions that you guys might have about lighting, power or electrical safety.

I will be posting the blogs to my website as well as Facebook page and the link will be Tweeted on @igrelectric

Please feel free to share the blogs amongst friends and family and I will appreciate al your questions and reactions.

Im looking forward to all of your questions and comments…

Thank you for your time and stay tuned for next blog…

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