IGR illustrious lighting designs

Here are a few examples of some more contemporary yet stylish lighting designs.

IGR Consumer Unit Upgrade

This was a great example of a very common type of work that we undertake and there is many properties that are in need of fuse box upgrade to increase safety and to establish current condition of the electrical installation.

Project was started by thorough inspection of the existing electrical installation and this revealed several potentialy dangerous problems.

Few examples

  • immersion heater incorrectly connected on the electrode causing potential fire risk
  • absence of circuit protective conductor (CPC) to outdoor security lights causing potential danger of electric shock from class 1 equipment
  • lack of RCD protection

After the inspection and testing was complete and the faults that required immediate attention rectified, we procede to replace the consumer unit and than tested final circuits again to ensure correct connection of all conductors.

This is what the client has to say about the work we carried out.

IGR - Lighting designs for a domestic home

It has been a great pleasure for us here at IGR to be able to undertake this challenging and very enjoyable project. It was an opportunity for us to show our ability to provide solutions in order to overcome obstacles along the way And deliver project on time and to full customers satisfaction.
The electrical installation was fully designed installed and commissioned by IGR.

Installation includes:

  • Lighting control system
  • Security lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Audio visual installation
  • Lighting design
  • Fire alarm system
IGR - Home entertainment room

An extremly enjoyable project that we undertook for a client recently and was completed exceeding clients expectations on all levels.

At IGR we redisgned the original lighting plans, to create an effective lighting scenes giving this amazing room another dimension and making the entertainment even more enjoyable!

Installation includes:

  • Lighting Controll system
  • Fibre Optic & LED lighting technology
  • 3D Projector
  • Surround sound

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